2 Aralık 2015 Çarşamba

ALTIN EMLAK TODAY'S ZAMAN GAZETESİ'NDE ! Yazılı basında emlak sektörünün en etkin ismi olan ALTIN EMLAK, bugün Today’s Zaman Gazetesi’nde Türkiye’de Gayrimenkul Fiyatları haberi ile yer almaktadır. Haberin görselini ek’te bulabilirsiniz. Saygılarımızla, ALTIN EMLAK GENEL MÜDÜRLÜK TURKEY SEES HİGHEST RİSE İN HOUSİNG PRİCES WORLDWİDE Turkey sees highest rise in housing prices worldwide Turkey's housing prices have risen faster than anyvvhere else iıı tiıe vvorld, vvith an 18.9 percent rise year-on year in the tlıird quarter, according to a report by UK- based real estate consultant Kııight Frank released on VVednesday. In its41 Global House Price Index" tiıe company said Turkish housing prices vvere up 18.9 percent in the third quarter against the same period a year ago, compared to a global average rise of 2.7 percent. "Strong levels of foreign investment, aıı expanding population and a slovvdovvn in construction explain the upvvard pressure on prices,"' the report dtes as reasons for the large inerease. Aside from Tıırkey, only four countries posted a double-digit rise in housing prices: Hong Kong vvith 16.7 percent Nevv Zealand vvitlı 12.6 percent, Svveden vvith 11.1 percent aııd Luxenıbourg vvith 10.1 percent. Ukraine vvas ranked at tiıe bottonı of tiıe list, vvitiı a 14.8 percent drop in home prices. France. Itaty, Oıina. Japan, Greece, Morocco and C)prus are among otlıer countri.es that experienced price drops. 'A US [interest] rate rise vvill have repercuasions not just for the US housing market, but for those currencies pegged to the US dollar as vvell as emerging markets globally," Katc Everett-Ailen from Knight Frank vvas quoted as saying iıı the report, vvlıich also underlined that the company antidpates reduced upvvard pressure on prices if tlıe US Federal Reserve moves to hike interest rates. Turke)- also came in first place in six-month change vvith housing prices rising by 10.5 percent. tlıe only double-digit inerease in this category. "Urban renevval projects, vvith 6.5 million homes in total. fuel market activity in urban arcas," Hakan Frilknn. the general manager of Turkish real estate finn Altın Emlak, said in a statement. Erilkun said it is an omen for at least 15 percent grovvth in tlıe coming year for the real estate sector. grovvth tlıat mega projects in İstanbul, like tlıe tiıird airport set to begin construction next year, are contributirıg to. Yet, the recent diplomatic spat between Turkey and Russia över Turkey's dovvning of a Russian fighter jet seems to have pushed up interest rates for nıortgages at Turkish banks. I^ates have risen this vveek to betvveen 1.2 percent and 1.35 percent. İstanbul Toöay's Zaman

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